Bangarang! Coffee Roasters | Shipping Policy
Specialty coffee roasters from Fullerton, CA
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Shipping Policy

All orders will ship between one and two days after the scheduled roast date.  Our roast schedule can be found on our roasting schedule page. Each coffee offering will list a specific date on which it will be roasted.  We do not roast every day, rather we roast according to this schedule.  This ensures that you get the freshest and highest quality coffee possible.  Most orders ship USPS Flat Rate, depending on the total weight of your order.  Orders over 10 pounds are normally shipped via UPS.  You will be charged for shipping at the time of the order, however, if shipping costs cannot be calculated at order time (due to an irregular weight) then shipping cost will be calculated after your order is placed (you will not be charged for shipping at the time of your order) — shipping cost will be confirmed with you via email and the same card you used for your order will be charged separately for shipping.   Once your order is shipped you will receive a confirmation email.  If you have any questions about your order please email us at